A Guide to Dodge Body Parts

Avoiding Distractions

If you reside in La Puente, Orange, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Whittier or in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, you are aware of the risks associated with distracted driving that may be created by yourself or another driver. The beautiful California weather provides an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment, but may also involve unexpected accidents in densely populated areas. Avoid cell phone use when driving, always adjust your car mirrors before starting your trip and avoid driving in a hot vehicle. Allow time for your vehicle time to cool, and avoid eating and drinking while driving. 

A collision can create severe damage to your vehicle's frame. Be sure to replace all damaged parts after an accident. The Mopar Parts Depo, located in La Puente, California, understands that when you are involved in a car crash, there are three top concerns, which are drivability, potential damage to the frame and appearance. You should visit a body shop immediately for an evaluation of the damaged parts, however, doing the bodywork is possible with the authentic and affordable OEM body parts available on http://www.themoparpartsdepot.com/. Call 626-626-2000, during regular business hours, to speak with in-house Dodge experts.

Chassis Frame

The chassis framework is the backbone of your vehicle that each part is attached to. The frame is crucial to all other safety aspects of the car because it pieces together internal components such the wheels, steering, engine and transmission. The vehicle's frame offers invaluable structural integrity and prevents it from collapsing under pressure and protects passengers during accidents. If the frame is compromised or bent during a collision, it can negatively impact the others components that are connected to the chassis, such as the suspension, drive train and body. 

Driving with a Bent Frame

A bent frame can't support the vehicle's body correctly, and this will potentially throw off the alignment of the other parts, including the body panels. The drive train also can't align properly on a bent frame, which can cause vibration, difficulty shifting and the misalignment of multiple components. Most importantly to consider, a bent frame can’t properly align the wheels and can create handling issues and premature or uneven wear on the tires.

Can I Straighten a Bent Frame?

Attempting to straighten a bent frame after an accident is asking for problems because when the frame's dimensions are off by a little, the parts won't fit properly and a correct wheel alignment is unachievable. 

Purchasing an Authentic Dodge Frame

Don't risk basing your Dodge's restoration on aftermarket frame parts. An authentic Dodge frame is the best choice for your car's reconstruction.

OEM Dodge Frame Features:

• Duplicate reproduction of the original frame

• Highest quality metal parts available

• Designed with Dodge software and manufactured with modern tooling

• Exact dimensions as the factory installed part

• Identical gauge sheet metal as compared to the original frame

• Provides the proper drive train, wheel and body alignment

Your frame is the vehicle's foundation, and every other part will rely on its structure. Choosing an OEM frame makes the most sense because it ensures that the vehicle is restored on a secure and dimensionally correct foundation before you proceed further with the restoration.

Purchasing Body Parts for Your Dodge

Your Dodge is technologically advanced and uses systems and parts that synchronize and work as one unit. All Dodge parts, including bumpers, fenders, frames, axles and wheels, are each carefully designed and produced. Each OEM body part meets the highest standards in safety and offers the best driving experience possible. 

Be Aware of Non-OEM Crash Parts

Beware of non-OEM or non-original equipment manufactured parts, which are often sold at traditional, highly advertised parts stores. Many consumers are unaware of these alternative collision crash parts and purchase them unknowingly, without knowledge of the potential ramifications of their use.

Choosing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

OEM Dodge crash parts are designed, manufactured and produced by Dodge and match the same specifications and tolerances as the original vehicle's parts. Each part matches stringent requirements on precision, fit, structural integrity, dent resistance, corrosion protection and finish. OEM body parts are the only proven parts and can be expected to deliver Dodge's intended level of protection and performance.

The only way to guarantee that you achieve identical replacement is to use OEM parts to replace each damaged or faulty part. Dodge OEM collision replacement parts will provide you with a perfected restoration. Non-OEM parts are not Dodge tested. Using OEM parts also ensures that your new-vehicle warranty will remain intact even after the collision repair.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket collision parts are non-OEM, imitation or copy parts. These are parts that are produced and supplied by other companies, rather than by the original equipment (OE) manufacturer.

Aftermarket non-OEM collision parts, not limited to but including frames, bumpers, headlights and side panels, are sometimes recommended as a price-based alternative. But non-OEM parts are not always made with the same material or quality construction, and they don't match the original part's specifications and tolerances. Aftermarket crash parts do not offer the same performance qualifications and characteristics as authentic Dodge OEM collision parts.

What About Reconditioned Parts?

Reconditioned collision parts have been removed from an existing vehicle and are now repaired or restored, such as fenders, bumper covers, wheels and headlights. Damage to your Dodge caused by the failure of a reconditioned part may void coverage from your vehicle warranty. OEM parts are covered by a guarantee to operate identically to the original, replaced Dodge part and will protect your Dodge warranty. 

What are Counterfeit Parts?

Counterfeit parts are similar in appearance to OEM collision parts but are internally different. These differences may be difficult to detect with your eyes, and fake parts are falsely branded as OEM and sold by deceptive distributors who are passing them off as a Dodge manufactured OEM parts.

An example of fake parts is seen in airbags that are sold for far less than the cost of authentic Dodge OEM airbags. If the driver is never in another collision, they may remain unaware that a counterfeit airbag is installed in their car, van, truck or SUV. However, if the airbag deploys incorrectly or fails to deploy correctly, the driver and passengers may be severely injured. 

The same concern is associated with counterfeit chassis-frames. If the frame is off kilter, the entire body is off as well. The wheels are misaligned, and the steering is off. A misalignment could cause an accident in this circumstance. OEM Dodge authentic collision parts are the best replacement option because they ensure that the vehicle will operate according to Dodge safety and performance specifications. 

The Mopar Parts Depot provides top-quality collision body parts and sheet metal parts for automotive restoration. Every single part is a duplicate and accurate reproduction of the original part. The Mopar Parts Depot's extensive lineup of OEM parts includes frames, headers, body panels, bumpers, spoilers, fenders and a wide range of hard-to-find body parts for Dodge restoration projects. Authenticate your vehicle's appearance with OEM parts that will keep your vehicle looking and operating at its best.

The Mopar Parts Depot, located in La Puente, California, has in-house experts who are available to answer any questions that you may have. Call 626-626-2000 during regular business hours or email parts@themoparpartsdepot.com. Include your VIN with your questions. Visit themoparpartsdepot.com to place your collision parts order.